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UBUNTU: “We are human only through the humanity of others”

In October of this year, I will be part of a group cycling in Africa for a Dutch organisation called Orange Babies. As well as cycling 40km a day for 10 days, we will be actively helping out wherever we can.
Orange Babies is a charitable foundation whose purpose is to transform the lives of women and children infected and afflicted by HIV in Southern Africa. Since 1999, Orange Babies has successfully helped thousands of lives. They work together with carefully selected organisations in South Africa, Namibia and Zambia.
During our stay we will be visiting three projects supported by the Orange Babies foundation, which include the Family Tree project, the Mount Olive project and the Yabonga project.
The Family Tree project in the Mopani District in Limpopo focuses on improving health care through education. They specifically focus on the prevention of HIV transmission from the mother to the unborn child as well as new infections spreading amongst adolescents.
The Mount Olive project in the Lehae area, about 30 km outside Johannesburg, began as a small organisation in 2003. However, as a result of the enormous problems that arose as a consequence of the HIV epidemic, they had to grow rapidly in a small amount of time. They are, in principal, the only organisation that the people of Lehae can turn to for help.
As its main objective, the Yabonga project helps children and adolescents influenced by the impact of HIV, get the most out of their lives. Orange Babies supports thirty-two Community Mothers near Cape Town. These beautiful women take care of about twenty-five vulnerable children and orphans every day. The Community Mothers not only open their homes to these children, but also their hearts.

As a mother to a lot of children, six of which are girls, I feel it is my duty to show them that although far away, we are still able to come together and help towards making a change.
I am really looking forward to meeting some of the people who have dedicated their lives to make a difference. I hope you are willing and able to support me on this journey.

Thank you very much,


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